1. WELCOME! ​ Hi!  My name is Crystal, and welcome to my site!  The intent of this website is not to boggle you down with expressions of pain, depression, and agony.  Rather, it is my hope that you find some good in a world that insists on eclisping the good with the bad.  I can't offer you professional advice or sum you up and assign a diagnosis, but what I can offer you is insight into the reality that whatever it is you are going through, there are millions of others who feel the same as you do.   You are not alone, and there are people who can help.  You can beat this aggressive disease.  Yes, you will have setbacks.  Yes, you may experience breakdowns, and I know it always seems like you are taking two steps forward and one giant leap back, but you still have that one step, even if it is a small one,  that has moved you forward.  ​ I'm not here to preach to you.  I myself suffer from bipolar disorder and have been for almost 17 years now, and every few years or so, I do have relapses, and I have to pick myself up all over again.  But I am still happy, and I wish that for you, too. ​ My other wish is that you walk away from this site learning, if only a little bit, about this vicious disease.  It'd be too grandiose of me to say I'd want you to feel enlightened, (so I'll think it instead) ;-) . ​ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ​ So, take a journey with me, into the mind of a person with manic depression.  I promise I won't bite.  But I can't promise you won't feel a thing.


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Get Poetic
Here, you will find me speaking my mind, videos originally posted on YouTube for the purpose of reposting them here.
I've loved to write since I was 8, but I've only been writing about bipolar disorder since I was 19.  You can read my favorite pieces here.​
I wouldn't say I'm the greatest poet in the world. I would say sometimes it is simply easier expressing myself through poetry versus prose.
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"Faith is taking the first step even when you don't see the whole staircase."
                 -Martin Luther King, Jr.

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